Steer Toward Safety™

DrivActiv™ eLearning delivers award-winning safety training for drivers of passenger through heavy-duty vehicles

Lesson Libraries

Training content in light-duty and heavy-duty libraries is demonstrated using 3D animated scenarios that show both model behavior and the consequences of dangerous driving habits. Extensive learner interaction takes place to reinforce knowledge, understanding and retention. Lessons are available in American English, American Spanish and Canadian French.

Light-Duty Vehicle Library: Lessons feature Driving Dynamics’ proprietary, time-tested One Second Advantage™ curriculum developed to provide drivers of passenger vehicles to mid-size trucks with superior, safe driving methods and extra reaction time which can mean the difference between a collision and a safe outcome. Topics included address behavioral, seasonal and other traffic-related issues along with skills-based techniques for advanced performance vehicle control.

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Library: In addition to leveraging key concepts from the One Second Advantage, courseware was developed in consultation with one of North America’s leading trucking safety experts, honored in recent years with the American Trucking Associations (ATA) Safety Director of the Year award. Primarily for drivers operating articulated rigs, topics address behavioral, seasonal and other traffic issues along with skills-based techniques for advanced performance vehicle control.

Safety Tip Microlearning Video Library: This library contains more than 30 safe driving topics that illustrate common issues and quickly demonstrate positive, common sense fixes that can be immediately implemented. Each tip is uniquely designed to impart practical, easy-to-use methods to improve safe driving performance—all within a brief three to four minute video segment. Safety tips use a combination of computer-generated animation and high-definition video content. Available in American English and more than a third of tips have been produced in American Spanish and Canadian French.

> Three Lesson Libraries: Light-Duty Vehicle, Heavy-Duty Vehicle, Microlearning Safety Tip Videos
> Payment Options: Pay-As-You-Go, Pre-Paid Discounted Plans, Unlimited Subscription Access
> More than 70 Lesson Topics
> Available in American Spanish and Canadian French
> SCORM Compliant
> Accessible on Mobile and Desktop Devices
> Features the One Second Advantage™ Safety Curriculum